Elite Motorsports Team

Sal Valenti – President

Sal has been in the automotive industry for 18+ years being a lead technician at the dealer for all of his career. While working Sal began Elite Motorsports out of his garage in 2005 as a side business. After normal work hours, he would wrench into the night with personal clients in the comfort of his shop. Sal has every certification there is available from Audi and other various firms and has extensive skills in numerous aspects whether it be in the office or the shop. Sal and Kai brought Elite Motorsports to its current state and have launched their used car dealer Elite Motor Group in late 2015.

Kai Kiryaman – Vice President
Sal & Kai joined forces in early 2010 and have brought Elite Motorsports to where it currently stands together. Kai has a background in engineering/mathematics & statistics from Stony Brook University. Having worked for Parker Hannifin as a mechanical engineer prior to this en-devour combined with Sal’s experience they’re unstoppable. Kai has always had a passion for automobiles since a young age and has found to further that passion through the business. “I do not see what I do as work, not many people can say that.”

Allen Nejelski – Service & Performance Advisor

Allen joined Elite Motorsports in early 2016. He has a strong background in the automotive industry working for numerous companies. His knowledge and past experiences are beneficial  to Elite and our clients.

Frank Ragone – Service Advisor & Manager

Frank came to us from being a service writer for Audi for many years. His experience in the dealer atmosphere has many perks. We look forward to growing together.

Joe Noonan – Technician

Joe joined us in late 2015 from another indy shop. He has a lot of experience in all types of makes/models of cars and has gotten upto our pace very quickly and is a key player on our team.

Rich Pennaman – Technician

Rich joined us in late 2016. He has been at other indy shops and as well as dealers. He has been a great addition to the crew and is a great team player. He has a lot of experience in all types of makes/models of cars main focus being European.