1.8T Oil Pump Conversion Kit & Install Sale On 2.0T FSI Engines

1.8T Oil pump conversion kit gets rid of the problematic 2.0T assembly. We recommend this service to prevent any future oil starvation damages that may occur due to the failure of the balance shaft driven 2.0T OEM pump on your Audi/VW.

Removing the massive 2.0T pump not only reduces mechanical moving components but also expands room in the oil pan which equals an increase in oil capacity by 1 quart. To eliminate oil starvation and damaging upper components (cylinder head in this case) is key and by doing this conversion you achieve just that.

Can never go wrong with more lubrication and oil capacity especially in these engines.

For the first 5 conversions we are doing them for $1249 including parts & labor with new oil filter & 6 quarts synthetic oil. This is significantly cheaper than replacing a cylinder head and or in some cases entire long blocks and even cheaper than a 2.0T replacement pump.

Please call us to schedule your conversion today on your 2.0T engine. 631.775.6634 or email sales@elitemotorsport.net


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