2004 Audi S4 – Diagnostic – Repair

Rich purchased this 2004 Audi S4 after unloading this Lexus GS300 wanting something V8 but shortly after his purchase he started experiencing some vehicle ailments. CELs, drivetrain concerns, cruise control not functioning, transmission not shifting automatically as it should, oil leaks and coolant leaks.

Cruise control and not shifting automatic transmission was due to a failing brake light switch. Replaced. CEL was due to failed EVAP purge. Replaced. Oil leak was due to a shoddy valve cover gasket job he had another shop perform. Replaced. Coolant leak was due to a pin hole in the main radiator and passenger side radiator. Replaced. We had also replaced the fuel filter , changed the oil and got the car a NY State Inspection.EliteMS21915_11 EliteMS21915_10 EliteMS21915_9

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